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The preparation and assessment of chewable tablets of Praziquantel were studied in order to produce Praziquantel chewing tablet. The chewing tablets were created using a direct compression technique with different quantity of binder (PVP K30) and super disintegrants (SSG). On development of the chewing tablets there were no interaction found in between the drug and excipients which was used during this process which was agreed by the infra-red spectral analysis. Therefore, all the chewing tablets which was prepared were consistent in drug content. Results of disintegration studies revealed a quick & rapid disintegration in formulation 5 and formulation 6 as per USP. In dissolution studies, % cumulative drug release was rapidly increased I formulation 5 and formulation 6. In those two formulations were using less amount of binder and higher amount of super disintegrant. As per USP the dissolution time period is 60 min, meanwhile in that time % cumulative drug release in formulation 5 is 97.50% and in formulation 6 is 98.82%. The medication quality in all tablet batches was found to be consistent. Friability test in all the formulation was found to be less than 1% which indicates the resistant to abrasion. The Hardness of prepared tablets ranged from 3.82-4.2kg/cm2.All the prepared tablet was observed to be uniform in weight, and variation in weight was within the limit of ±5%. The invitro dissolution profile of chewing tablets was found to be increased with increase in super disintegrant level. Hence, it has been concluded that the amount of super-disintegrants increases and less amount of binder which makes best combination in the tablet formulation containing hydrophilic carriers of drug is a promising approach to prepare efficient chewing tablets of non-aqueous soluble drug Praziquantel.


Praziquantel, PVP K30, SSG, chewing tablets, Helminthiasis

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