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Reverse Phase-HPLC method offers simplicity, selectivity, precision and accuracy. In this proposed method symmetrical peaks with good resolution were obtained. RP-HPLC method was more sensitive and accurate. However, all these methods can be used for the simultaneous analysis of Darunavir HCL and Cobicistat in combined dosage form. The parameters like  calibration range of Darunavir 0-200 and Cobicistat 0-200, optimized wavelength of two drugs 268 respectively, Column ODS, Mobile phase(Acetonitrile  75: Buffer 25) pH 3.9, Retention time 2.9 and 3.85 , Correlation Coefficient 0.999,Precision RSD 0.06545 and 0.476755,  % RSD 98-102 and 98-100 were found respectively. It is the liquid chromatography in which the mobile phase and sample are pumped at high pressure (up to 5000 psi) to effect faster and better resolution of drugs in a mixture.


Darunavir,Cobicistat, RP-HPLC, Estimations, Validation

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