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A Hand Sanitizer is a water-less disinfectant that is available in the form of liquid, gel or foam and is extensively used to diminish or kill microbes present on the hands. Although nowadays there have been different varieties of hand sanitizers, healthcare organisations chiefly prefer the ones made with alcohol since they are better tolerated and much more effective in removing microbes from the hand. Alcohol has been used in the form of an effective antiseptic since the year 1363. Noted as a good germ killer, alcohol can coagulate the germ proteins. Then again, a solution of 70% alcohol, that is, rubbing alcohol, is far more effective antiseptic than 100 % alcohol. The present paper reviews the role of KALON LUEUR HAND SANITIZER; A WHO Recommended hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs.



Hand Sanitizer Hand Hygiene Benzalkonium chloride

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