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The fruit of Emblica officinalis Gaertn (Euphorbiaceae), also known as amla in Ayurveda are considered to be a rich source of ascorbic acid. However the antioxidant activities exhibited by Emblica officinalis extract are superior to those of ascorbic acid itself. The objective of present study is to carry out the standardization of herbal raw material Emblica officinalis for its ascorbic acid content to check the content uniformity obtained from various soils by HPLC technique. The collected fresh fruits were cut into small pieces, dried under shade and made into a fine powder. The powdered raw materials were subjected to HPLC analysis to estimate the ascorbic acid content. The percentage of ascorbic acid was estimated by comparing the peak area of standard and the same present in the collected samples. The results reveal that there are variations between the samples and the percentage of ascorbic acid is not uniform in all collected samples. Based on the current research that the content of ascorbic acid is not uniform in all the collected samples and it is concluded that the variation may be due the soil & soil fertility and climatic conditions.


HPLC Analysis Emblica officinalis Raw material Ascorbic acid

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