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Standardization is an important aspect of manufacture and supply of herbal drugs. It is only in recent years the importance of standardization of herbals is realized and efforts are being made to satisfy the regulatory requirements. Standardization refers to the process of delivering a product with a specified minimum level of one or more plant constituents. In some cases this is accomplished by measuring the level of a chemical in a crude herbal extract and establishing a standard amount of that chemical for future production. The standardization of herbal formulations has become very essential as there is increase in the demand and frequent usage of the herbal formulations by the people. Monoherbal formulations containing Emblica officinalis extract were collected from the commercial market and standardized for their gallic acid content by High Performance  Liquid Chromatographic Technique (HPLC). The Tablet and Capsule forms of different brands of marketed herbal formulations of Amla were selected and analysed by HPLC Technique. The total peak area of standard (gallic acid) and the corresponding peak area of samples were compared and the amount present in it was calculated. The results reveal that there are lot of variations between the samples and the percentage of gallic acid is not uniform. The present study indicates the necessity of development of analytical procedures for all herbal formulations available in the market to ensure the quality and efficacy of the products.


Emblica officinalis Monoherbal gallic acid

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