1. Bravissimo-F tablet: A scientifically Formulated female libido enhancer dramatically increases the women,s sensuality for sex Download Article

    Govind Shukla, D. Sruthi Rao, C.J. Sampath Kumar
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    Decreased sexual desire afflicts one third of adult women worldwide. Difficulty in diagnosing this condition is compounded by the subjective nature of desire, and although many older women attribute their reduced libido to hormonal changes, Side effects of medications, psychological problems, history of substance abuse, or relationship difficulties can all lead to low libido. Low or absent sexual desire is the most common sexual dysfunction in women, and its prevalence peaks during midlife. Its etiology is complex and may include biologic, psychologic, and social elements. Major risk factors for its development include poor health status, depression, certain medications, dissatisfaction with partner relationship, and history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or both. The present paper Reviews the Role of Bravissimo-F tablets, A scientifically Formulated female libido enhancer developed by R&D cell of Lactonova Nutripharm Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad that dramatically increases the women,s sensuality for sex. 

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